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5-Reasons Why you need Personal Branding Portraits

What is personal branding?

Personal branding shots takes head shots to the next level. Personal branding tell a story of person, place, and persona. It is a reflection of your character, skills, talents, and passions in life. It is how your clients will perceive you as the entrepreneur you are.

If you run a business, here are five reasons why you need a personal branding shoot:

1. Personalizing your business creates trust. 

2. You will stand out in the sea of stock photos and poor camera phone images. 

3. It will help you grow your brand.

4. It will increase your conversation.

5. The human brain processes images faster than words. Give them something unique to remember you.

I hope this helps you better understand personal branding photography and why you need it. Don't hesitate to give me a call or email if you'd like to know more, or even book your session.


1980'S Birthday Party Theme

Picture this..(in my Sophia voice of the Golden Girls), Dallas, Texas and it's 1980 in 2019. The guest pour into the venue dressed in neon colors, side ponytails, and doorknocker earrings. The DJ is spinning all 80's music, so of course the guests are showing their best 80's dances. It's all nostalgic. 

Then the guest of honor shows up--the birthday girl, wearing a neon green spandex top, shiny black pants, and neon boot. She look fabulous. No one stood a chance of stealing her show. I'm wasn't surprised. She's a talented Makeup Artist with great fashion, and long legs! 

This was an easy gig because everyone had a permanent smile, and what do we photographers like? A BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Family Campaign Portrait

Fall fun family time in Dallas! This is one gorgeous family--don't you agree? Everyone has a unique personality, and when they come together, it's explosive fun. Their joyous attitudes made my job easy as pie. 

Each of the family members have their own interests and hired me to capture their campaign photo. I think we did well. Do you agree?